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Our Musicians

Recorded music is generally used for the step dancing classes but we are most fortunate to have a number of musicians play for the set dance classes, as well as most of our céilithe & performances.

For many years, Pam and Norm Merrigan with other members of The Coast Céilí Band played for us. Sadly, Norm passed away on 6 December 2018 & he has been greatly missed by dancers and musicians alike. Norm was such an accomplished musician, playing a number of instruments. He composed many tunes, leading to the launch of his Rolling Wave Suite at the 2016 Turning Wave Festival.

Ann O'Donovan & the Céilí Playboys now provide the music for our classes, céilithe and performances, Ann having played with The Coast Céilí Band since 2003


Visiting musicians are always welcome to join the band at our dance classes.

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